Getting blood out of clothing is a common problem for many people.

How to Label Kids Clothing

Label Kids

There are many different ways to label kids clothing. For the simplest, use laundry marker pen or a Sharpie marker. There are also some companies that create personalized labels that you can buy as stickers or iron-ons. The labels can have unique symbols that will help you identify specific items without revealing your personal information. This is a great option if you’re worried about the safety of your child’s clothes. When you are looking for ideas on how to label kids clothing, you may be wondering how to use labels. Fortunately, there are a number of methods to choose from. Some options include fabric tags, permanent markers, and sew-on labels. These three options can help you organize your kids’ closet and prevent confusion. 


Another option is to write the name of the child on the inside of the collar of their clothes. This way, the name won’t be permanently ruined by washing and drying.


Parents who don’t want to invest in permanent labels can opt to purchase high-quality name tags. These labels will not fade over time and are safe to place on their children’s clothes. 

Masking Tape

You can also use masking tape to label children’s clothing. The name on the label should be unique and easy to recognize by other parents or caretakers.

Permanent Markers

Permanent markers are not needed, but they are recommended if you’re worried about your child getting a name that’s similar to yours. 


Alternatively, you can purchase a label maker, which will provide you with a number of different kinds of labels for children’s clothing. A few companies offer starter packs that contain a variety of label sizes and types. You can even purchase special stickers for the clothes. These stickers are easy to apply and won’t show through other parts of the clothing. However, these labels will need to be replaced when they begin to fall off. 

Permanent Fabric

One disadvantage of permanent fabric markers is that they aren't washable, so if the kids accidentally write on the clothing, you won't be able to remove the mark.


Also, it is best to choose a permanent fabric marker that won't bleed through. Permanent fabric markers are especially useful for collar tags and inside seams.

fabric markers

Using permanent fabric markers on these types of clothing will also help you avoid embarrassing situations.


Another common way to remove a permanent marker stain is by applying white vinegar on the stained area. This solution can be applied with a cloth or a sponge.


Make sure to apply it quickly as the sooner you get the stain treated, the more likely it is to be removed. If you need to wash or dry the clothing afterward, you can also use a paper towel to absorb the ink.

Fabric Tags

Fabric tags for kids clothing are a simple way to identify items that your child owns and wears. Typically, they are a tiny 0.375-inch square that can be attached to many different items. Other options include rectangle tags that are 2.25″ x 0.75″ and circle tags that are 1.25″ x 1.5″. Square tags are 1.5″ square and are ideal for attaching to hand sanitizer, pencil boxes, and backpacks. 

There are many different materials used to make fabric tags. Some fabrics are more durable than others and can be customized to your personal style. Some labels are even hand stitched, which is ideal for small patches and delicate materials. For this method, you will need some thread, two needles, and a straight pin. 

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